The Singlish Classics

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The Three Little Pigs Lah is the first Singlish Classics depicting the classic story of the three little pigs in Singlish slang and modern Singapore.

With a modern and Singlish spin, The Red Riding Hood Lah is the second Singlish Classics created in conjunction with SG50 - Singapore's 50th National Day.

The Goldilocks Lah, although based on a children's fairy tale, is "not suitable for children" due to its use of graphic language and broken English. It deviates slightly from the original story of the bears. The Three Little Pigs Lah and The Red Riding Hood Lah have the same wolf "performing" and this time, you will find that the wolf is not the bad guy and also a chance to meet his family!


Written in Singapore by Casey Chen.