Attract the Love You Deserve

Attract the Love You Deserve

Attract the Love You Deserve

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An Astrological Guide to Empowered Relationships

Tell me your Venus and your Moon signs, and I'll tell you how you love others, and how you feel love in return.

Astrology is your greatest ally for navigating the trials and tribulations of romantic relationships. With the help of your birth chart, you’ll learn how to find yourself, how to get more out of life and how to attract the love you deserve.

This complete guide takes you through your birth chart, starting with the fundamentals: Venus, for unlocking your innermost desires, and the Moon, for understanding your emotional self. Then discover what your Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto signs mean for you. With this planetary knowledge in your astrological toolkit, you’ll be well-equipped not only to understand how you love, but why you love the way you do, and how to form the relationships you deserve.
The key to finding love is already inside you: this book will show you how to unlock the door.

5.65 x 1.2 x 7.55 inches
288 pages


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