Lotus Blue Flora Glass - Collection II

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Size: 10cm tall x 9.5/6,5cm

Holds 340ml

Made with high quality borosilicate glass


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Why is Borosilicate Glass better?
Borosilicate glass is better than regular glass for a wide variety of reasons.

First, borosilicate glass expands by only half the amount of regular soda-lime glass when exposed to heat. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion means that it is far less liable to crack than regular glass.

Second, borosilicate glass is much harder and stronger than soda-lime glass. This feature makes it an ideal water container to take with you while you travel. Even if you drop it, it shouldn’t break.

Third, borosilicate glass is much more malleable than regular glass, allowing you to make more complex shapes. Some manufacturers turn borosilicate glass into vacuum insulated vessels that will keep your drinks warm or cold. Just as before, this feature makes borosilicate glass the ideal material for making sustainable glass bottles. These bottles are long-lasting and don’t contain any BPA which could damage your health.

Fourth, borosilicate glass is resistant to acid, while soda-lime glass is much less so. Beers have an acidity of the pH scale of 3.3, meaning that it’s probably better to put them in a borosilicate glass than ordinary glass.